There are scripture citations in English found in this blog and in photos appearing herein and on other related social media platforms will be quoted from The Lotus Sutra that is translated from the Chinese of Kumarajiv by Tsugunari Kubo and Akira Yuyama for the Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research and that is published by BDK America Inc.

I would encourage you to purchase a copy to support their tremendous effort in doing such a wonderful translation. If you cannot find it in your local book store, you can get a copy either from Amazon or Book Depository.

Others would be translated by me via my understanding of the Lotus Sutra and my command of English.

The scripture citations in Chinese is based on the hardcopy published by 世樺出版社. I do not rely too much on the online versions because there are variations in some Chinese characters used that can differ the essence and spirit of the Lotus Sutra greatly.